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Viva Ethiopia Tour Operation is an exclusive tour company established by professionals with immense knowledge& experience about the mystic land-Ethiopia. Having a representative office in the United States in addition to our main office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia we are one of the foremost and well established tour companies providing excellent & reliable travel service. 

Viva Ethiopia tour operation is registered and licensed by the ETHIOPIAN INVESTMENT AGENCY under license number: EIA-0L/2698/10. We are also a recognized by the Ethiopian Tourism Minister and a proud member of Ethiopian Tour Operators Association. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has accredited our firm as an innovative company & playing a leading role in the Ethiopia tourism industry.

The experiences we have acquired, the dedication of our team, the smooth and cordial working relationship that we have developed with various local administrations and service providers, help us make our customers’ tours smooth and very enjoyable.

At viva Ethiopia Tour, every adventure is private, flexible and customized to your exact needs, Start and end your vacation whenever you want and make any itinerary changes you need. With our brand new Land Cruiser vehicles, a driver and skilled local guide, you have the freedom to experience the remote corners of the world in a completely refreshing way.

Our distinctive style of travel offers something different to your ordinary holiday. We have the knowledge and expertise to share with you all of the old favorites and a few of our new secret spots. There is still a path less traveled and the mystery of the open road beckons as strong as ever. Staying true to our mantra of "fun, freedom, & flexibility", you never know what you will find around the corner.

“Inviting the unknown, welcoming the unexpected and creating the unimaginable.”That's what viva Ethiopia tour is all about.


Viva Ethiopia tour Operation staffs

Viva Ethiopia tour operation is managed by professionals and experienced staff members in the field of tourism. The staff possesses practical knowledge in tour operations that enables them to communicate with customers and design attractive tour programs. Our office is staffed by our friendly team who have been with us as past travelers and crew and who are committed to providing our groups with a high level of service, and our road crews with efficient operational and logistical backup.

Our guides

Our well-trained and pleasant professional guides speak Varity of languages and are always ready to provide delightful moments for our esteemed customers. To be a successful guide in a country with such great diversity in travel, one must also be greatly diverse in knowledge.     

Each of our Guides is a graduate of intense professional training courses that take them from a 5th century pagan temple outside Axum  to birds of the Rift Valley Lakes  to underground cave systems  to market days of remote ethnic groups  to the endemic wildlife of Ethiopia's plains & highlands.

Understanding of tour planning & management is essential, and there is no substitute for years of experience in bush travel when it comes to familiarity with the varying cultures, flora & fauna. Such are the qualities evident in viva Ethiopia Guides, as well as supporting staff


Our drivers 

Our drivers are handpicked having long term experience in the field. They have sufficient field training to enable them be both drivers and guides. They speak English and are preferred by those tourists who want to have a driver guide. When they drive our brand new land cruisers and buses, their experience in driving shows within few hours of drive

While camping, we have cooks that will serve you with hotel standard meals-both local and European.


Transportations and equipments
Our vehicles are ready to meet your needs for any occasion from tours to conventions - and more! Viva Ethiopia tour operation has meticulously selected the most up-to-date fleet of vehicles. Among our fully insured buses and 4WD vehicles, the 15 sitter 2010 model Toyota HI-ACE and the king of the road and comfort 2010 Toyota land cruisers & Nissan patrols stand out. You will enjoy a hassle-free vacation without car rental or accommodation worries

Wonderful, safe, and comfortable vehicles, camping equipments, and our well-trained professionals are always ready to serve our VIP Customers


What makes us different from other tour companies

  1. Experience, reliability , trust & our Professional & Quality services
  2. Unique & original itineraries
  3. Efficiency in handling large group travelers
  4. 100% customer service satisfaction reputation
  5. Our different easy paying system options
  6. low profit margin on single tours
  7. the smooth and cordial working relationship that we have developed with various local administrations and service providers
  8. Experienced staff: manned by experienced expedition leaders and we also excel by superb coordination & management desk.  
  9. Responsible  travel: Responsible tourism has always been an integral part of our company ethos and our adventures are designed with the local people, culture and eco-system in mind
  10. Enormous fully insured car fleet for transportation

Company Location

At present, the company main office in Ethiopia is located at Itegue Taitu Hotel in the center of Addis Ababa, Piazza. Office # 193.

Itegue Taitu Hotel itself is one of the historic places in Addis Ababa. Etege Taitu Hotel is established in 1898 EC (1907) by the wife of Emperor Menelik II, Empress Taitu Betul. It is the very first Hotel in the history of Ethiopia.

The Hotel being in the middle of the city, Piazza, tourist guides, and souvenir shops are found at ease. It is 20 minutes drive from Bole International Airport, 5 minutes from Sheraton International Hotel and 7 minutes from UNECA. Also bank and insurance companies are located inside the hotel and in 1 minute walk from the hotel.


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