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Title: Surma Tour

Tour code: VET525

Tour Duration: 10Days/9Nights

Transportation: Surface

Type of Vehicle:  2009/10 Nissan Patrol or 2009/10 Toyota Land cruiser &

2010 Double AC Toyota HIACE minibuses for city tours

Tour Customizable: Yes. >>Inquire/Book This Tour

Day-to-day program: 

Day 1: Depart from Addis Ababa to Jimma.  On the way you will pass through the land of the Gurage people, known to be the hardest working people of Ethiopia.  You will have a chance to visit a Gurage village, where you will see the important enset plant (also known as false banana tree) and see typical Gurage house construction.

Overnight in Jimma

Day 2: After breakfast, depart from Jimma to Mizan Tefari, passing through coffee plantations along the way.  This is the land of the ancient Kaffa Kingdom, the birthplace of coffee.  Here you can visit a traditional Kaffa house and learn about the culture of the Kaffa people.

Overnight in Mizan Tefari

Day 3:Depart from Mizan Tefari to Kibish.  On the way, visit the Bebeka coffee plantation, where they cultivate organic coffee trees as well as rubber trees.  You can also learn about the coffee processing techniques.  Afterwards, pass through Dima, which is home to the Inuak tribe.  Here you can visit these tribes and learn about their culture.

Overnight camping in Kibish.

Day 4: Today you will visit the Surma tribe near the village of Kibish.

Overnight camping in Kibish

Day 5: After your breakfast, depart 25 km to the Surma village of Tulgete, where you can visit with the local Surma people.  Also, if you’re lucky, see the Surma stick-fighting competition, known as Donga.  Here, men from different local villages meet and compete against each other, winning the respect of the maiden ladies in the crowd. The winner is carried away on a platform of poles to a group of girls waiting at the side of the arena who decide among themselves which of them will ask for his hand in marriage. Taking part in a stick fight is considered to be more important than winning it. The men paint their bodies with a mixture of chalk and water before the fight. Also we notice and appreciate the very attractive culture of Surma tribe, they are renowned for the strange custom followed by their women who, on reaching maturity, have their lower lips slit and circular or rectangular clay discs inserted.

Overnight camping in Kibish

Day 6: Today, depart Kibish for Tum.  On the way, visit the Dizi tribe.  The Dizi people are hereditarily very short people who have beehive-like houses, similar to the Dorze.

Overnight camping in Tum

Day 7: From Tum, take a day trip to Magi, where you will meet with the Dizi, Surma, Tishena, and perhaps the Bume tribe.  If lucky, you will visit on market day (Saturday), which is a wonderful opportunity to meet and mingle with the local tribes.  Return to Tum for overnight.

Overnight camping in Tum

Day 8: Today we continue back north to Bebeka, where we will stay for overnight inside the guesthouse at the Bebeka Coffee Plantation.

Overnight in Bebeka

Day 9: Returning back, we continue to Jimma via Mizan Tefari.  In Jimma you can take a refreshing time by your own: swimming, walking, shopping and feeling the city

Overnight in Jimma

Day 10: Return to Addis from Jimma, via Butajira.  On the way you will visit the archeological sites of Tiya and Adadi Maryam. In the Evening a fare well diner party in one of the Traditional Ethiopian restaurant with dances from the different ethnic Groups. Then after transfer out to the airport for departure back to home.



  You will be given an adjusted program of this tour that goes along with your arrival time in Ethiopia upon request

  Extension or reduction of this tour is possible

  This tour can be re-programmed to fit your interest, time and budget

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