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Leave your foot print behind campaign is an initiative under the viva cares center. In 2009 viva Ethiopia tour operation pledged to plant one tree by every customer’s name we serve besides our project of empowering rural farmers to restore tree cover to their lands. Viva Ethiopia provides you this unique opportunity to leave your foot print behind in the remote corners of Ethiopia.  In addition to helping decrease global warming you are leaving something especial behind that will stay long after you have gone Telling for everyone the audacious story of your presence in that unique space and time.

Global warming is a reality and this campaign helps you make a difference by reducing the carbon dioxide that is produced when you travel, we offer a chance to carbon balance your travel.

*We provide our travelers everything needed to plant the tree, form the seedlings to handy equipments for free.


Why plant trees?

Did you know that the simple act of planting a tree can help build healthy communities in rural Africa? That's because...

Everything is connected

  • Without adequate forest cover soils become depleted
  • Without fertile soil, food production declines and hunger increases
  • Without secure food supplies and clean water, good health is impossible

Often, we don't think about the fact that trees are a crucial ingredient to sustaining good health especially in rural African communities.

Yes, it's true - trees are a source of life!

In Africa, trees provide many of life's day-to-day necessities:

  • Trees help increase food production by returning moisture and nutrients to the soil
  • Trees add moisture to the air, which can increase rainfall and help combat famine producing drought
  • Trees provide food, medicine, wood products, fuel and income
  • Trees clean the air for the entire global community and help prevent global warming

When concerned global citizens like you support our mission, your gift will help provide food, income and shelter, while preventing soil erosion, pollution and famine.


Our community based actions

The earth is warming up, and the best available evidence points to the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases as the leading cause.

Deforestation and climate change are intimately connected: Globally, deforestation releases nearly 2 billion tons of carbon dioxide per year, and is responsible for nearly 25 percent of man-made CO2 emissions. The destruction of the world's forests not only harms the communities that depend on them, but increasingly affects us all.

While the root causes of deforestation vary from region to region, there are some common solutions. Communities need seeds, training, and technical support in order to adapt long-standing cultural and agricultural traditions (such as gathering fuel wood in nearby forests and practicing slash-and-burn agriculture) to new realities. Starting nurseries and planting trees is part of this process.

Join Us! It is not too late. We are solution-oriented people

We have developed programs that work, which are restoring trees and forests to degraded lands. We are working with individuals, communities, and other organizations around the world with a shared vision for a positive change. We are a hands-on people-to-people program at the grassroots level, and we are leading by example.

This is a large task, but viva is up to it.


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