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Responsible travel and sustainable tourism is an ethos viva Ethiopia has been committed to since our birth. Our adventures are designed with the local people, culture and eco-system in mind. We believe that a successful trip not only delivers a unique and unsurpassable journey for our clients, but that it also benefits the people whose lands we are privileged to visit. Viva Ethiopia tour is a proud member of responsible travel. See our responsible travel policies here.

As we take more tourists to different sites and attractions, we recognize our obligations to operate our tours in responsible and sustainable fashion. We view this not only as an environmental issue but as cultural, and social one as well. Above all, we are committed to the well being of the communities, which are our hosts, the cultural and natural environment that we are there to experience. We also believe that by following these policies we can provide more rewarding and interesting experience to our clients.

Our company gives a big emphasis to the development of a sustainable tourism in the country. To make this a reality our company operates in rules that give due attention to the protection of our environment, preservation of locally practiced cultures, values and customs. At the same time we make sure travel to these places allow tourists to experience the culture rather than have a brief and shallow picture moment.

All our tours run in the four corners of the country do involve the participation of the local communities in one or another way.  Our company also encourages and supports locally owned and initiated tourism activities such as tourist guide associations and clubs, use locally run Eco-friendly lodges and accommodations. Moe over advice travelers to be part of any locally initiated tourism facilities and services. Other than this we support the community to be able enhance its academic and global knowledge by offering an easy way access to schools and related institutions.


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