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VET100:Addis Debre Libanos MonasteryBlue Nile GorgeAddis

After an early breakfast: Start driving to the 13th century monastery of Debre Libanos built by the Ethiopian saint called Abune Tekle Haimanot. Further down, 100 km later enjoy the famous Blue Nile Gorge for which people suggest that it is even greater than the “Grand Cannon” of USA. Picnic lunch in the gorge nearby the bridge where you listen to the songs of varies species of birds.

Afternoon: Drive back to Addis through one of the famous Teff growing areas & beautiful sceneries.


VET105:AddisWenchi Crater LakeAddis

Early morning drive to Ambo and proceed to Wenchi to observe the captivating Crater Lake and make a boat ride to visit the old monastery. Picnic lunch and proceed to Guder Falls and drive back to Addis.



After breakfast drive to the western outskirt of Addis Ababa to Menagesha forest. It is the mountainous area having the shape of an upside down pudding basin and is covered more or less entirely in thick heath and on the other side it is fully covered with indigenous trees which becomes a habitat for endemic species of birds and animals. Late afternoon drive back to Addis.


VET115:AddisAdadi Mariam rock churchTiya Stele- Addis

After breakfast drive to Melka Kunture archaeological site, then to Adadi Mariam rock-hewn church, proceed to Tiya to visit the 12th century unique steles. Drive back to Addis.


VET120:AddisAwash National ParkAddis

After breakfast, drive to Awash National Park and enjoy a game drive in park and you will have a game drive to visit mammals and birds: -The park’s name comes from one of the longest river in Ethiopia: the Awash. This park is the oldest and most developed wildlife reserve in Ethiopia. It is even easy to access. Awash National Park occupies about 830 square kilometres (320 miles) of dry savannah in the middle of the Rift Valley. This hot, arid terrain climbs up to 1000 meters (600 feet) above sea level, with the exception of the peak of Fentale volcano, which reaches 2007 meters (1200 feet). Temperatures in the park are hot and can reach as high as 42 0 C (107 0 F) Nights are cooler, with temperatures between 10 0 C & 22 0 C (50 0 C & 72 0 F). Rain mainly falls between February and April, and June to August, and averages 619 mm (24 inches).

Awash national park has over 350 species of bird that have been recorded in this savannah grassland. Here you will also visit the Awash River Falls. Drive back to Addis through Ethiopian Great Rift Valley Region and visit Beseka Crater Lake.



After breakfast drive to Debre Ziet to visit the Crater Lakes with their bird life. Proceed through the rift-valley region to artificial Lake of Koka to spot various species of birds. Continue driving to Lake Ziway- (the largest Northern Ethiopian rift-valley Lake, it is the home of 5 little volcanic Islands) here you will spot various species of water birds. Drive back to Addis.


VET150: Sodore
To reach the popular resort area Sodore situated at a distance of 126 km south of Addis Ababa the road takes you through some interesting towns of Kaliti, Akaki, Debre Zeit, Mojo and Nazareth. On arrival relax swimming in the Olympic size pool filled with warm mineral water as well viewing entertaining monkeys and birds of varied species sheltering on the huge riverside trees. Have lunch at the Wabishebelle Hotel and afternoon drive back to Addis Ababa en-route spending some time in Debre Zeit town to visit the crater lakes.


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