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Are you fascinated by the beauty and power of nature? Do you dream of seeing active volcanoes?
We offer expeditions and walking / study tours to Ethiopia’s volcanic areas, for small groups and individuals. Whether you need competent logistic support or just want to enjoy an unusual vacation, you have found the right place.

For individuals and groups, we can tailor custom-designed tours for your group or corporate incentive. Have a look at our existing tours and let us know your preferences.




code: VET1050

Tour Duration: 9 Days/8Nights

Transportation: Surface with a Single flight

Type of Vehicle:  2010 Nissan Patrol or 2010 Toyota Land cruiser with combination of 2010 Double AC Toyota HIACE minibuses for the city tours

Tour Customizable: Yes

Tour highlights:The part of the world, which is called the Danakil Depression, is one of the remotest, lowest and unique land formations of the world in the Great Rift Valley system. Still it is part of the earth which is unstable and pulling each other to the opposite side. In this adventure you will explore Erta Alle, absolutely unique Lava Lake erupting 24 hours and Dalol, the lowest part of Danakil Depression (116 below sea level) extremely hottest and inhospitable place but enjoyable and extraordinary colorful landscape. It is famous for its fascinating fumaroles amazing rock formations, crystal and mineral deposits. The final part of your adventure takes you to Lake Asale, famous salt mining lake and visits to salt workers when cutting, shaping and loading. Besides, salt merchants along with their endless Camel Caravans will be visited. More detrails and itinerary


Ert_ale_Lava_lakeTitle: Expedition To Erta Ale volcano and the Dankil depression 

“Desert, Salt and Volcanoes”

Tour code: VET1000

Tour Duration: 13Days/12Nights

Transportation: Surface/Air

Type of Vehicle:  2009/10 Nissan Patrol or 2009/10 Toyota Land cruiser & 2010 Double AC Toyota HIACE minibuses for city tours

Tour Customizable: Yes

Tour highlights: Danakil Depression is one of the remotest, lowest and hottest places of the world in the Great Rift Valley system. This adventure takes you to explore Erta Ale and Dallol volcanoes and visit of the endless Camel Caravans.

Activities: Adventures tours, Desert tours, Geological tours, Cultural tours, Hiking, Walking Safaris....

Erta-Ale is an exceptional volcano. It has been an active lava lake for a very long period, probably since the mid nineteenth century. It is part of a chain of active volcanoes located in the center of one of the six Afar rifts where an open ocean has formed in connection with a hot spot. The broad, 50-kilometer-wide volcano rises more than 600 meters from below sea level in the barren Danakil depression

Erta-Ale is the namesake and most prominent feature of the Erta-Ale Range. It has a 0.7 x 1.6 kilometers, elliptical summit crater housing steep-sided pit craters. Another larger 1.8 x 3.1 kilometer-wide depression elongated parallel to the trend of the Erta-Ale range is located to...More details and Itinerary


The services we offer ertaale

For Adventure travelers: who want to experience this demanding but highly rewarding trip, may select any one of the suggested trips. The trips can further be fine-tuned based on your particular requirements.

Visiting active volcanoes can be physically demanding; getting to some of the most interesting locations can involve strenuous exertion and some physical discomfort. However, the unforgettable experience of visiting these wonderful sites is well worth the effort. The physical demands vary from tour to tour, but our programs are flexible enough to allow modifications to accommodate not only the group's interests and physical capabilities, but also weather changes, volcanic activity, and other external factors.



VOLCANO DISCOVERY: combined with other tour programs of your interest, choose from our wide tour programs.


First grade logistic support: We offer for volcanologists that wish to study on the site. Our services have been used by groups and individuals as well as Medias. As knowledgeable professionals, we can offer you safe, exciting tours in volcanic environments. We can provide your team with everything that is necessary with the collaboration with Addis Ababa University.  Please Contact Us for further details.


Walking and study tours: caldera-ertale-volcano_97_600x450You don't have to be a volcano freak to travel with us! We specialize in volcanic areas, yes, but that's also because volcanic areas form some of the most beautiful and interesting environments on the planet. Each tour is accompanied by an expert in the area who personally guides you and takes care of all the details. our walking and study tours ranges from adventurous to deluxe, with a general focus on geology, volcanism, nature and culture.

For documentary filmmakers ,photojournalists: For those who specializes in travel photography with a particular interest in volcanoes and the people who live and work near them, we will walk the extra mile to assist you in capturing the living mystery of our planet


Dalol & Ert' Ale  

Nothing in this planet is quite as spectacular as the Danakil Depression. Very few have made it to this large triangular desert in north-eastern Ethiopia, close to the Red Sea which is renowned for being the place with the hottest average temperature on Earth (Yes, the Death Valley comes second!!). Danakil is renowned for being the place with the highest average temperature on Earth. It tops 34 °C every day of the year and soars to 55 °C in the summer. Temperatures can reach as high as 63 °C in the sun. Heat isn't the only thing people feel. Alarming earth tremors are frequently felt. There are also several active volcanoes. It comprises Lake Asale, the lowest point in Africa and one of the lowest points on Earth not covered with water. Two of the landmarks that will take your breath away are impossible to describe with words....more



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